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Weapon ResearchEdit

Name Levels Cost Unlocks
Advanced Weapons 1 Weapon: Autocannon
Linear Induction 3 Weapon: Mass Driver
Laser Focusing 3 Weapon: Laser Cannon
Ion Channeling 3 Weapon: Ion Cannon , Structure: Ion Minefield
Plasma Filtering 3 Weapon: Plasma Cannon , Structure: Plasma Minefield
Phased Energy 3 Weapon: Phase Cannon , Structure: Phase Minefield
Graviton Shearing 3 Weapon: Graviton Shearer , Structure: Graviton Minefield
Matter Disruption 3 Weapon: Disruptor , Structure: Disruption Minefield
Quantum Disassembly 3 Weapon: Quantum Disassembler , Structure: Quantum Minefield
Micro Singularities 3 70000 Weapon: Singularity Launcher , Structure: Singularity Minefield

Energy ResearchEdit

Name Levels Cost Unlocks
Advanced Power Systems 1 Module: Power Conduit
Cold Fusion 4 Module: Fusion Reactor
Superconductive Relays 1 Module: High Energy Relay
Graviton Induction 4 Module: Graviton Core
Plasma Relays 1 Module: Plasma Relay
Quantum Capacitors 4 Module: Quantum Capacitor
Wave Conduits 1 Module: Wave Conduit
Antimatter Containment 4 Module: Antimatter Reactor
Positron Relays 1 Module: Positron Relay
Singularity Control 4 Module: Singularity Core
X Conduits 1 Module: X Conduit
Zero Point Energy 4 Module: Zero Point Reactor
Transconduits 1 Module: Transconduit
Dark Energy Induction 4 Module: Dark Energy Core
Isomorphic Entanglement 1 Module: Transconduit
Intra Dimensional Colliding 4 Module: Intra-D Collider
Wormhole Channeling 1 Module: Wormhole Relay

Shield ResearchEdit

Name Levels Cost Unlocks
Shield Systems 1 Module: Magnetic Deflector
Magnetic Deflection 2 Module: Magnetic Deflector , Structure: Structural Shield
Hull Polarization 3 Module: Hull Polarizer
Inverse Graviton Fields 3 Module: Inverse Graviton Shield , Structure: City Shield
Force Projection Fields 3 4000 Module: Force Shield
Lattice Fields 3 Module: Lattice Shield, Structure: Regional Shield

Cloaking ResearchEdit

Armor ResearchEdit

Defense ResearchEdit

Sensor ResearchEdit

Planetary Building ResearchEdit